Artists Andy Heald

"In my paintings I try to capture the fleeting emotions you or I feel when walking through various landscapes. Happiness. Sadness. Coldness. Warmth. Walking with Friends. Walking Alone. Embracing life. Escaping life. A painting diary.

I try to capture these emotions through painting rapidly, sanding away, layering textures, splattering paint, scrawling personal notes as a diary of what was thought or playing through the headphones, the jumbled words, stolen lyrics forming the titles of the work. Spilling guts onto a canvas, working the paintings until they almost collapse. I use different mediums, consistencies, and textures to convey different seasons, weathers, feelings.

In my paintings there is always a landscape or seascape element but often the need to quickly capture what is before my eyes is more important, as is documenting my own interaction and attitude with a time and place. I know where I am painting but often viewers would struggle to recognise landmarks or gain a geographical location."


Andy reflects these fresh and fleeting interactions by painting rapidly; the paint and media driven, splashed, scrubbed or dripped over the canvas, sketchbook or paper in an attempt to capture the raw experiences of nature. Andy uses a range of media - acrylics, emulsion, industrial paint, spray paint, watercolours, sand, grass, tissue paper, newspaper - during his work but the finished products are more like sketches - the paint scratched, rubbed away, drawn over with pencils and pastels, and/ or splattered with fresh paint to create the finished, usually abstract, work.