Artists Ben Hollands

By the time I get my hands on a piece of timber, it may be centuries into its life story. What better way to celebrate this than to recognise and enhance its natural beauty and create an exquisite item of furniture that will be loved and cherished for years to come. In a time where furniture is disposable and cheaply manufactured it seems even more important to hold onto the skill and art of traditional furniture making. In all my pieces I try to find a balance between its form and function and I wont allow anything to leave the workshop that I wouldn’t happily have in my house. It’s a very rewarding way of earning a living and I am honoured to have the opportunity.

An exquisite item that has been lovingly and respectfully crafted is a joy to behold. 


Ben has been practising furniture making since 2003, starting at BCUC in High Wycombe and then on to a small furniture company in South Oxfordshire where he was trained by a very skilled craftsman from 2005. In his 15 years with the company, Ben was able to learn a vast amount of knowledge and skill that comes with the extensive variety of projects taken on. This skill coupled with his meticulous attention to detail enables him to design and create beautiful pieces of bespoke furniture.