Artists Eleanor Campbell

“My paintings express emotions, memories and responses to the world around me. Having lived on the west coast of Scotland 

with its rugged coastline, then moving to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, I feel I’ve had the best of both worlds for inspiration.”

Eleanor Campbell studied at Glasgow School of Art where she achieved a B.A. 

Eleanor's landscape art explores a sense of time and place and actually being in and experiencing the landscape using multiple paint layers, glazes and mediums.

Her abstract works express vitality whilst capturing the essence of the landscape, leaving visible brush strokes,

layers beneath and making use of mark making tools and mixed media.

Using chance application of paint and combining these elements into a semi-abstract style, she loves big skies and wild places and takes her sketchbook on her daily dog walks to capture the spirit of a place in time, returning to her studio she creates effective compositions to convey a sense of light, colour, space, emotion and drama in the landscape.