Artists Fi Hunter

You can find Fi Hunter busy working from her studio an old corner shop in Marlow where she
creates larger than life heads for both interiors and exteriors.
Her work explores the fragility and strength of the human condition not just through the human
expression but also through the materials them self. Sculpting them first in clay she then makes
moulds before casting them in bronze as well as experimenting with new and unusual methods
and materials such as recycled glass,

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens Surrey August - Oct 2023
Lush Landscape gardens Surrey July - October 2023
Henley Festival 2023
Henley Art Trail 2023
John Lewis Odney club Cookham 2022
London Art Fair Islington January 2023
Affordable Art Fair Battersea 2022
Fresh Art Fairs Ascot & Cheltenham 2020 & 2023

If you would like a bespoke piece of art, or a custom size, Fi is open to commissions.