Artists Jackie Crabtree

Although my work has gone through various changes, my love of colour and Mark making has been a constant theme. I favour semi-abstract mixed media painting at the moment, as I feel it gives me the most scope to use a very personal view of my world and it to be relatable to others. In one way I see my Paintings as storytelling even if the story is not always obvious. Hopefully, they have something to say to the viewer, an introduction to another world.

I attended Goldsmiths University in the early 70's and did their foundation course and the Modern Embroidery course, which was just starting. I then got married and had children, still doing some art when I could.
I had all sorts of jobs, Graphic Designer, Caner at Wycombe Cane and Rush Works and Art Tutor at Spring Gardens Art Centre.

In the early 2000's I went back to University and did a Degree in Fine Art.
Afterwards, I was part of Commercial Square Studios and continued my Art career.
I had exhibitions in Cork Street London, the Design Centre London, Glasgow University Gallery and other local galleries.