Artists Jill Hudson

Jill works in oils, painting in response to the world around her.

Her influences are many and varied, she began by falling in love with the Impressionists, and in her work, tries to capture light and beauty, there is often a narrative there.

Originally from Merseyside, she studied Fine Art at Falmouth College of Arts. During her degree, she spent three months at the Accademia di Belli Arti in Venice. Afterwards, she travelled in Central and southern America taking her paints with her. 

In 2005 she took up the post of expedition artist in Chile with Raleigh International, making a body of work in response to the project, running workshops for venturers, and delivering the John Muir Environmental award scheme.

Other adventures have been sailing in Greenland and later sailing to Svalbard from Cornwall, again sketching on the journey.

Jill started making willow lanterns in 2004 with The City of Lights festival, Truro. She's worked on large processional lanterns, increasingly ambitious and articulated.  

Jill loves the leap from 2d to big 3d work and back again, finding that each in the end, informs and feeds the other.

In 2015 she was invited to work on a large processional lantern for the Bhutan International Arts Festival, an incredible expreience, and a fascinating country.

Jill walks the coast paths in Cornwall and the moors in Devon, sketching and painting, recording the lie of the land and slightly obsessed by the sky and the sea. 

She has worked as a full time painter since 2008, and continues to be fascinated by colour, texture, and the next canvas.