Artists Kate Burns

“The physical act of painting takes me on an emotional roller coaster, from the highest highs to the lowest lows and is totally compelling. It’s a method of channelling thinking and sensibilities that result in a voice I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Oil is my favoured medium however I occasionally turn to acrylics at the outset. Impatience results in a need to work quickly. Fast drying acrylics allow me to be spontaneous. A thought, emotion or idea can be transferred from head to canvas before it disappears. Oils and pastels, perhaps charcoal and ink, are later introduced where and when necessary. I don’t restrain from using one or all mediums. They offer unique qualities and provide a never ending journey of discovery.

Intriguing ‘abstract art’ is my main area of focus. My influences stem from a fascination by the process of creating abstract art and an obsession for enigmatic beauty. During the creation of a painting I push myself to a place that feels uncomfortable, visually painful and then begin a process of pulling back, saving the painting - turning the ‘wrongs’ into ‘rights’. Inevitably some wrongs remain visible and this, for me, is the thrilling part - new discoveries.

A considered palette and composition initiate my work. I’m led by a deep passion for colour, tone and juxtaposition. Subconscious, free creativity is combined with conscious, careful decision making BUT where does one stop and the other begin? The process continues until a painting feels complete. My paintings aim to prompt subtle shifts of thought and feeling. They exist to stimulate imagination, tranquillity or confusion - but ultimately, pleasure.”

Kate studied Ceramics in the beautiful city of Bath. On achieving a BAHons she went on to enjoy a successful career in the art and design world. In 2008 Kate founded her own company, publishing exquisite paper products.

In 2016 Kate enrolled in a Fine Art course at Central St Martins, London, reigniting her passion for painting. Oils are Kate’s favoured medium however she explores and revels in the continuous learning process of mixed media painting. Inspired by meaningful responses Kate’s work aims to challenge perceptions. She plays with the fine line that can be drawn between ‘Abstraction’ and ‘Representation’.