Artists Laraine Jones

Laraine has a B.A. Hons Degree in 3D Design (Ceramics and Glass) from Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education. 

Since retiring, after 34 years in Arts Education, Laraine is once again enthusiastically exploring and creating artworks from her fascination with detritus, both in the manufactured and natural world. Her woodland workshop is at Wilcote Arts in Oxfordshire.

2019 – 2024 Regular exhibitor at No.4 Wilcote Art studios.

2020 Wilcote Arts Exhibition at Darle and the Bear Gallery, Woodstock 

2021 December Exhibition at the Dali and the Bear Gallery, Woodstock

2021 Art from the Heart -Maggie’s Charity Exhibition organised by The Zuleika Gallery Oxfordshire

2023 Oxford Art Society, Open Exhibition

She is an annual exhibitor in the Oxfordshire Visual Arts Festival