Artists Laura Middleton

Born in 1970 in South Yorkshire, Laura graduated from the University of the West of England in 1992 with a BA (hons) In Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration. 

In 1993 Laura moved to London to pursue a career in specialist decorating. Now with her own Oxfordshire studio, Laura continues to work closely with interior designers and clients on interiors projects and site-specific artworks. As well as producing artwork to commission Laura continues to develop her own painting practice. 

This collection of work is broadly titled ‘Journeys Home’. Home means different things to different people, but most of us leave and return to a place we call home. This series of paintings is about those journeys, both literal and emotional, and our human desire to find our place called home. Some of  the paintings are based on journeys Laura has made, viewed from a car or train window ‐ distorted, reflected and slightly abstract views of the world speeding past in a bit of a blur.  Other works are slightly abstracted landscapes of water and reflections. They are all primarily concerned with a sense of where we feel at home or at peace with our surroundings. 

They feature mainly views of the natural world, as Laura finds that being in nature often provides solace, offering a reliable thread to follow when looking for connection. 

The paintings are instinctively and freely painted, conveying feelings of undefined places where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and home isn’t really a place to get to but is already within us as we make our journey