Artists Maud Eager

Maud lives in West Herts and works from her converted shed in her garden. She has a degree in Fine Art and has always had a love of drawing. Many years ago Maud worked with clay and became skilled at throwing. About six years ago (after a 30 year break) Maud re-discovered ceramics.

I'm inspired by natural forms, the sea, craggy rocks and the wonderful world of pebbles. Probably something to do with my seaside East Anglian early life and love of bleak coastlines, plus a response to the wild landscapes of the Outer Hebrides, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Iceland.

I'm a committed hand-builder.  My ceramics usually take the form of vessels, sometimes using a mixture of clays, and these give me a surface to develop, using texture, slips, oxides, stains and minimal glaze.