Artists Maxine Farmer

During an art lesson at the Picasso Museum in Antibes, the museum director was demonstrating how Picasso started with details then reduced and reduced those until he had very simple shapes and forms (Joie de Vivre being a classic example). That was a lightbulb moment for me. I have taken this same concept into my own work, often starting with quite detailed sculptures which ultimately become very simple shapes, in order to highlight the emotion or energy I am trying to convey.

I create my original sculptures in clay, plaster, or mixed media, and many are turned into cold-cast bronzes. Sometimes they are 3D printed as an intermediate step, often to sale the sculpture in to a larger size, or as a commissioned 3D print in its own right. I have also been building a portfolio of bas relief. 

Maxine’s passion for sculpture stems from a fascination with capturing energy, emotion and fleeting ephemeral moments as permanent 3D memories. Her work tends to emphasise peacefulness, serenity and calm, inviting the viewer to touch the sculpture. Primarily focused on figurative 3D art, Maxine is fascinated by how taking away detail can uncover what the figure is feeling, such as the twist of a neck, the stride of a leg, the leaning of a head towards another – all of these can capture love, happiness, alertness, stillness, determination, and more.