Artists Nikki Pearce

I draw every day, a discipline that helps me focus and free my mind. The drawing process has become integral to the paintings, an exploration of line and composition and an obsession with a subject.

The paintings are sometimes descriptive, sometimes hypnotic. A journey of viewing and responding, playing with colour and mark, using emulsion, acrylics and inks.

I am currently working directly from the flowers and plants in my garden where I am lucky to have a tiny garden studio. This newly discovered visual resource is allowing me the freedom to shift between abstraction and figuration and to really push my process.

Nikki is an Interior Designer and an Artist living and working in the Chilterns. She works in a colourful abstract way always referring too and being drawn back to nature and the local landscape for recurring themes of flowers, trees, paths, journeys, skies and reflections. 

Nikki studied a Fine Art BA (Hons)at Wimbledon School of Art (1991 – 1994) and then went on to complete an MA in Painting at Chelsea School of Art (1995) 

Since graduating (over 25 years ago) Nikki has always worked as an Interior Designer using CAD for technical drawings, a very different process to her free hand sketching. However, the language of interiors is not all that different and her preoccupations have always been colour, texture, light and space.

Nikki began painting again more seriously in 2019 following the death of her partner, when it became a very personal way to deal with the sense of grief and loss.

She works predominantly in acrylic, but is beginning to experiment more with mixed media.