Artists Richard J. Smith

Since leaving college where he studied illustration Richard has covered many different genres of art from painting, drawing through printmaking, sculpture and even making musical instruments. Although he was born in town he is really a countryman at heart and nature and country pursuits have been his main inspiration.

Over the years he has had a particular fascination in studying and painting water or the illusion of water making sense of its abstract qualities with the inclusion of fish etc for which he is probably best known. Much of his work of any subject starts with a strong abstract design and is gradually rendered to a realistic finish bordering on the impressionistic side with some sort of narrative. It has been said that composition is one of his strong points.

His paintings and sculptures have been sold and collected from prestigious galleries and auction houses worldwide. He has produced several commissions for the Sultan of Oman and his work has been showcased on the BBC's Countryfile.

Recently his inspiration has come from those little glimpses of nature's light, shapes, colours and textures by simply walking the fields and woodland near his home often just minutes away from his back door step. Some are painted plein air whilst the more intricate are studio pieces.