Spring Exhibition 20th April 3pm


 - Hayden Gallery Marlow

Hayden Gallery's Spring Exhibition - our 5th!!

20th April - 3pm. Hayden Gallery will be celebrating Spring with a gorgeous new exhibition showcasing some amazing artists. You are very welcome to come along. 

If you would like a preview of the artists exhibiting please see: https://haydengallery.co.uk/exhibitions/2024-spring-exhibition.

Hayden Gallery is actually 5 TIMES BIGGER THAN YOU THINK.

Every 8 weeks we change the gallery around and even though we have fantastic artists exhibiting - we move their art into our storage - to make way for new art. HOWEVER if the work is on our website and it doesn't have a RED DOT (denoting its sold) then we can show it to you or even send it to you on approval. So the art on the wall is only an example of what we actually have.

Please remember Hayden Gallery is an artist owned, family run, independent gallery - all the work is unique and what you see here you will not see anywhere else. 

"If I wouldn't buy it to hang in my home, I would not exhibit it in our Gallery"
Tracey Hayden





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